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TSD 2015-2016 Dual Language Immersion Parent Advocacy Group-organized by parents:

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Parent Group Advocacy Meetings: These meetings are run and organized by parents.
  1. Sept 30, 2015-Cottonwood Plains Library
  2. Oct 21, 2015-Cottonwood Plains Gym

TSD DLI Programs

  1. Truscott Elementary School
  2. Cottonwood Plains Elementary School

TSD DLI Principals

  1. Karen Hanford, Truscott Elementary
  2. Eric Harting, Cottonwood Plains Elementary

TSD DLI Teachers

  1. Ida Weber, Truscott Elementary ,Spanish, Kindergarten
  2. Mary Kay Randall, Truscott Elementary, English, Kindergarten
  3. Leticia Gronlund, Truscott Elementary, Spanish, 1st Grade
  4. Deborah Grafel, Truscott Elementary, Englsih 1st Grade
  5. Todd Bessey, Truscott Elementary, Instructional Coach
  6. Yesenia Perez, Cottonwood Plains Elementary, Spanish, Kindergarden
  7. Kaitlyn Chambers Cottonwood Plains Elementary, English, Kindergarten
  8. Andrea Boyd, Cottonwood Plains Elementary, Spanish, 1st Grade
  9. Laura Yaussi, Cottonwood Plains Elementary, English, 1st Grade
  10. Angela Geraghty, Cottonwoods Plains Elementary, Instructional Coach


  1. Toni Theisen


  1. ACTFL-American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (national world language organization and research center)
  2. NCSSFL-National Council of Sate Supervisors of Foreign Language
  3. CCFLT-Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers
  4. CDE-Colorado Dept of Education


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